How To Set Up Homepod Mini

In this regard, how do I set up HomePod for the first time?

  1. Plug in HomePod and wait until the light on top pulses white.
  2. Hold your unlocked iOS or iPadOS device within a few inches of HomePod until the setup screen appears.
  3. Tap Set Up and follow the onscreen instructions.

Also, why is my HomePod mini not connecting? If your HomePod mini or HomePod is in a location where the signal strength is poor, try moving it closer to your router. If you recently changed your Wi-Fi password or moved HomePod mini or HomePod to a new location, wait a few seconds, then ask Siri a question to see if HomePod is connected to Wi-Fi.

Moreover, how do I get my HomePod mini to work?

Subsequently, can you set up HomePod mini without iPhone? To set up a HomePod mini, you need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Android devices cannot be used to set up a HomePod mini.When you go to configure the HomePod Mini again, it should configure in under 20-minutes. Although, some people still have to wait a few hours for it to finish configuring.

How do I connect my HomePod mini to a new Wi-Fi?

Can you use HomePod mini as a Bluetooth speaker?

While your HomePod Mini uses Bluetooth for some connectivity, you can’t use one as a Bluetooth speaker. The only way to use audio with a HomePod Mini is by using an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, or an Apple TV.

How do you set up a HomePod?

How do I make my HomePod discoverable?

Can I use HomePod mini without Wi-Fi?

From now on, you can use your HomePod without the need for a WiFi connection. You just have to use the playback app on your iPhone or iPad, press the AirPlay icon to send it to the HomePod, and you will see how despite not having WiFi the speaker will appear among the options.

Does the HomePod mini need to be plugged in?

The HomePod mini needs to be plugged in. Though the HomePod mini has wireless capabilities, the device itself has no battery so it is not truly portable. It needs to be plugged into a wall charger in order to get power. The HomePod mini includes the wall charger in the box – and Apple 20W power adapter.

Can I use HomePod without Apple Music?

Unless you subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match Siri on HomePod is limited to calling up your unhidden purchase history directly on the device. You can AirPlay from your iOS device if you don’t want to take out a subscription and want access to more of your library and your playlists.

How do I control my HomePod mini from my iPhone?

  1. Start playing a song from your app of choice.
  2. Open the Control Center, then tap and hold the music panel.
  3. Tap the AirPlay icon.
  4. Select the HomePod you want to play the song.
  5. Start the process again with a different app/song, but this time selecting a different HomePod.

How do I play music from my iPhone HomePod mini?

  1. On your iPhone or iPod touch, go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff, then make sure Transfer to HomePod is turned on.
  2. Hold your iPhone or iPod touch near the top of HomePod.

How do I connect my HomePod to my new phone?

Why won’t my iPhone connect to HomePod?

Make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Also check that the Music app and Home app are installed on the device that you’re using to set up HomePod mini or HomePod.

Why is my HomePod not connecting?

Open the Home app on the primary user’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, press and hold HomePod. On Mac, double-click HomePod. Scroll down and tap or click Reset HomePod, then select Restart HomePod.

What does Apple HomePod mini do?

A HomePod mini understands when an iPhone is nearby and provides audio, visual, and haptic feedback, so it feels like two Apple devices are physically connected. The new speaker also adds a new Intercom feature that lets family members send messages between HomePods.

Does HomePod mini use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

HomePod mini supports 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, plus it supports low-power Thread networking technology, which is a secure, mesh-based system designed to connect Internet of Things devices. HomePod mini’s Thread support is limited to HomeKit devices so it can’t be used cross-platform.

Can I play Spotify on HomePod mini?

The HomePod Mini will also work with Spotify. We hope you found this Spotify HomePod tip valuable and can now enjoy your favorite songs and playlist on your Apple speaker! Spotify AirPlaying works on your HomePod, Apple TV, and other compatible devices.

Where is the 8 digit code on HomePod mini?

Check the bottom of HomePod mini or HomePod The serial number is on the bottom of HomePod mini or HomePod.

Can you connect to HomePod with Bluetooth?

HomePod does support Bluetooth 5.0, but it is not able to play music from non-iOS devices using a Bluetooth connection.

How do I reset my HomePod mini?

  1. Unplug HomePod or unplug the power adapter for HomePod mini. Wait 10 seconds, then plug HomePod back in.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, then touch your finger to the top of HomePod and hold it there.
  3. The white spinning light will turn red. Keep your finger down.
  4. Siri will say that your HomePod is about to reset.

Can you take HomePod mini outside?

First of all, the HomePod is not waterproof. This means no rain, no splashing water on the HomePod from a pool, no sprinklers or snow, etc. The hot sun is probably not an ideal environment for the HomePod, either. In other words, if bringing the HomePod outside is your thing, make sure it stays dry and in the shade.

Can I move my HomePod from room to room?

In the Home app on your iOS or iPadOS device, touch and hold a HomePod or Siri-enabled accessory. , then do any of the following: Assign HomePod to a different room: Tap Room, then choose a new room.

How long does HomePod mini battery last?

Make your HomePod Mini portable with the Mission Battery Base. Design blends elegantly with HomePod Mini without compromising audio performance. Enjoy your music away from the power outlet with integrated battery lasting up to 9 hours.

Does HomePod mini only play Apple Music?

Helpful answers. Music directly through homepod will require Apple Music subscription. Although music will be able to be played from your Mac or iOS devices using AirPlay 2 also.

How do I listen to YouTube on my HomePod mini?

  1. Launch the YouTube app on your iOS/iPadOS device and find the video that you want to listen to using your HomePod.
  2. Start playing the video and swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the iOS Control Center.

How do I use HomePod as a speaker?

Select the HomePod or stereo pair that you want to use for home theater audio. With iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: In the Home app, press and hold Apple TV, then scroll down and tap Default Audio Output. Select the HomePod or stereo pair that you want to use for home theater audio. Tap Back, then tap Done.

How do I add a second phone to my HomePod mini?

  1. Make sure the new user has their own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and their own Apple ID.
  2. Update your HomePod mini or HomePod and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest software.
  3. Invite the new user to your home in the Home app.

Can you connect multiple devices to HomePod?

You can connect multiple devices to the HomePod but only one account at a time.

How do I connect my Apple home to Wi-Fi?

Are HomePod minis worth it?

Though it doesn’t possess the amazing sound quality of the original HomePod, the HomePod mini is a good smart speaker, and is better than the original in other ways. With last week’s release of three additional HomePod mini colors, I thought it was a good time to revisit some of the best HomePod mini features.

Why was HomePod discontinued?

Though Apple has publicly said that it discontinued the larger HomePod to focus on the mini version, it’s entirely possible that the company is working on an updated model in the background. There are plenty of use cases where a new, larger HomePod might outshine its diminutive counterpart.

How many HomePod Minis can you connect to Apple TV?

All replies. You can stereo pair two minis if you like, then on Apple TV you can AirPlay: On Apple TV, press and hold Apple TV App/Home to bring up Control Center. Select AirPlay .

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