How To Know Date Of Manufacture Of Iphone

The date of manufacture of an Apple device is the 4th and 5th characters of the serial number. CJ – The first character is always a letter, the second character can be a number or a letter. You should know that you can find out the date of manufacture with details up to a week.

Likewise, how can I check my iPhone manufacturing date?

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Open ”General Settings. ‘
  3. Select ‘About’
  4. Select the serial number.
  5. Once you view the serial number, copy it and then go to Apple’s Coverage Check page. Paste the serial number in the search box, enter the Captcha code and hit ‘Enter’.

Moreover, how can I know the manufacturing date of my phone?

  1. Dial *#197328640#* or *#*#197328640#*#*. This should open the service menu.
  2. Tap “Menu Version Information.”
  3. Tap “Hardware Version”
  4. Select “Read Manufacturing date.”

Also know, what does iPhone serial number tell you? Apple devices manufactured after 2010 generally have 12-character alphanumeric serial numbers, with the first three digits representing the manufacturing location, the following two indicating the year and week of manufacture, the next three digits providing a unique identifier, and the last four digits representing …

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