How To Keep Group Messages Together On Iphone

To make group texting work on iPhone, you’ll need to open Settings, then scroll down and tap “Messages.” Here, look underneath SMS/MMS to find “Group Messaging.” Just enable this toggle, and from now on, iOS will collect your group’s MMS texts into the proper threads!

Moreover, why are my group texts coming in separate iPhone? To sum up, if your iPhone sends group messages individually, make sure Group Messaging is enabled in Settings. Don’t forget to update your iPhone as well. Additionally, check if there are any non-iMessage users in your group. They’ll receive group messages as individual messages.

Likewise, why are my group text Messages coming in separate? But if the feature isn’t enabled or your carrier doesn’t support it, you’ll see individual responses to all group messages sent. To enable it if it’s available, go to Settings > Messages and enable MMS Messaging and Group Messaging. If neither option is available, contact your carrier.

Additionally, how do you stop Messages splitting on iPhone?

  1. Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Check your network connection.
  3. Check with your carrier to see if the type of message you’re trying to send, like MMS or SMS, is supported.
  4. If you’re trying to send group MMS messages on an iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and turn on MMS Messaging.

Subsequently, can you group text Messages together on iPhone? You can create a group messaging conversation by turning on Group Messaging in your settings and then entering all contacts into your your text. As long as you and all recipients have Group Messaging enabled on your iPhones, everyone will be able to see all parts of the conversation.In a group iMessage, everyone can: Send and receive photos, videos, and audio messages. See all responses from the group. Send and receive message effects, like sketches, animations, bubble effects, and more.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

A text message of up to 160 characters without an attached file is known as an SMS, while a text that includes a file—like a picture, video, emoji, or a website link—becomes an MMS.

How do I see all recipients in a group text on iPhone?

The complete list of recipients appears at the top of the message thread [1]. If the recipient list is too long to display all names, the list will show the additional number of recipients. To view the list of recipients, tap the Options icon for the message [2]. Then tap the Reply option [3].

Why is group chat not working on iPhone?

If you’re trying to send group MMS messages on an iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and turn on MMS Messaging. If you don’t see an option to turn on MMS Messaging or Group Messaging on your iPhone, then your carrier might not support this feature.

Where is group messaging in settings?

  1. Go to the main screen of your messaging app and tap the menu icon or menu key (on the bottom of the phone); then tap Settings.
  2. If Group Messaging isn’t in this first menu it may be in the SMS or MMS menus. In the example below, it’s found in the MMS menu.
  3. Under Group Messaging, enable MMS.

Why do I have two message threads on iPhone?

iOS differentiates messaging threads based off the specific iMessage ID used to address each recipient. Since iMessage can use both phone numbers and email addresses as iMessage IDs, this can cause multiple threads and much confusion.

How do I set up groups on my iPhone?

  1. Open Contacts.
  2. Click All Contacts on the top left side of the screen then click the + icon on the bottom.
  3. Choose New Group.
  4. Name your group and tap Return on your keyboard.
  5. Click All Contacts again, so you can add contacts to your group.

What is MMS Messaging on iPhone?

MMS – multimedia messaging service – allows you to send pictures and other media via text, as well as send longer texts. If you have a limited data plan or poor internet connection, and iMessage isn’t working on your iPhone, you should turn off iMessage and use MMS instead.

How do I set up a text group?

Open the app and tap Start chat to open the New conversation screen. Tap Create group to open the New group conversation screen. Tap the first few letters of each person you want to add to your group, then select their name when it pops up. When you’re done, tap Next and enter a group name in the Add group name.

How do you make a group chat on Messages?

What is the best group text app for iPhone?

  1. WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a versatile chat client that lets you talk with friends around the world.
  2. GroupMe.
  3. Google+ Hangouts™
  4. 4. Facebook Messenger.
  5. Voxer®
  6. WeChat.

What is difference between MMS and group messaging?

MMS is a multimedia messaging service that allows you to send images, audios, etc. over the cellular network. Group Messaging lets you send messages to several recipients at the same time, and it can be of two forms – Mass text and Group texts or conversations.

What does turning off MMS Messaging on iPhone do?

If you disable MMS, you cannot send or receive pictures except by iMessage. The functioning of iMessage is a bit confused, but here’s my understanding from a few years of use: – In a 1-2-1 iMessage conversation with ‘Send as SMS’ set to OFF, your iMessage will never send as either SMS or MMS.

How do you change message settings on iPhone?

The settings for Messages let you personalize the way iPhone alerts you that you have messages and offers some options for composing messages. To open Settings for messages, tap Settings→Messages. You’ll have to scroll down because Messages is a little way down the list after iCloud.

How do I switch between SMS and MMS?

On the messaging App, Tab on Menu options (three little dots), then go to Settings. Then More Settings and Select Multimedia Messages. At the end of the mms menu, you will see the option to Set restrictions, change it to Restricted and this will block the text messages being changed automatically from SMS to MMS.

Why is my phone not receiving group messages?

If one or more of your contacts are not receiving group messages on their iPhone, then you should first check if you have activated group messages on your device. Go to Settings and select Messages. Find the SMS/MMS section and tap on Group Messaging to activate. Tap again to switch off and on Group Messaging.

Why is my phone sending MMS instead of SMS?

Sending an MMS instead of an SMS means that the recipient must also have a smartphone to receive the MMS. They will need to switch on data in their phone to download and read the MMS. What is this? You can turn off MMS settings in your iPhone whereas Android doesn’t offer that option.

How many people can be in a group text?

The maximum number of recipients depends largely on your mobile device and carrier. Some older phones only offer up to 10 recipients but some models may allow you to choose up to 30 recipients. Group messages are typically sent as an MMS and must be enabled from the settings. The process is fairly simple, though.

How do I send a group text to more than 10 people on my iPhone?

  1. Send messages to a group (iMessage and MMS). Tap “rectangle with a pen icon”, then enter multiple recipients.
  2. Give a group a name. While viewing the conversation, tap Details, drag down, then enter the name in the Subject line.
  3. Add someone to a group.
  4. Leave a group.

How do I send a message to multiple contacts?

How do you fix a group message on iPhone 8?

  1. Solution 1: Restart the Messages app.
  2. Solution 2: Restart your iPhone.
  3. Solution 3: Enable group messaging.
  4. Solution 4: Restart a new group conversation.
  5. Solution 5: Clear iPhone space.
  6. Solution 6: Switch airplane mode on and off.
  7. Solution 7: Reset network settings.

Why is my iPhone mixing up contacts?

The root cause to our problem is a bug that Apple has introduced in iOS 12 that is merging conversations from SEPERATE phone numbers when they use the same Apple ID – like we have been doing for years.

How do I combine contacts on my iPhone?

  1. Open Contacts.
  2. Tap the contact you would like to merge other contacts with.
  3. Tap Edit.
  4. Tap Link Contacts.
  5. Tap on the duplicate contact(s)
  6. Tap Done.

Why do I receive double texts from one person?

Reason #3 In Case of MMS If you have issues with receiving duplicate MMS, this could be related to your internet connection or the sender’s internet connection. If the upload/download speed of either of your phone is slow, then you might receive duplicate MMSs.

How do you create a group in Contacts?

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Contacts.
  3. At the top left, tap Menu. Create label.
  4. Enter a label name and tap OK. Add one contact to a label: Tap Add contact . Select a Contact. Add multiple contacts to a label: Tap Add contact . Touch and hold a Contact.

Why can’t I see groups in My iPhone Contacts?

(If you don’t see Groups, that’s OK — it just means you only have one account set up to sync contacts on this device, so skip down to the next point.) Tap the Hide All Contacts button at the top of that screen.

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