How To Clear Wechat Storage Iphone

To manage storage of WeChat on iPhone, you can run WeChat, go to Me >> Settings >> General >> Manage Storage. Once you are there, WeChat will automatically clear cache and then a pie chart displays the storage usage on your iPhone, including WeChat usage, free space and others. See below screenshot.

Likewise, how do I reduce WeChat storage on iPhone? You can use the Manage Storage feature on WeChat to clear the cache. To do this, you should open WeChat, go to Settings > General > Storage > Clear WeChat. After you follow these steps, WeChat will automatically clear then cache.

Subsequently, how do I clear other WeChat storage?

  1. Open and log in WeChat and enter the main interface of WeChat;
  2. Click “I” and then click “Settings”;
  3. Click general options on the setting interface;
  4. Click to clear the WeChat storage space in the general interface;
  5. Then select the deleted content and select all;
  6. Then select delete, and the prompt appears.

In this regard, how do I delete documents and data on WeChat on iPhone?

  1. Open WeChat on iPhone.
  2. Tap Me > Settings > General > Storage.
  3. WeChat will now automatically delete the cache information.

Also the question is, can I clear WeChat user data? Tap on View WeChat Storage, you can find details about the chats and attached files, media files, documents and how much storage they consume on your phone. You can select the chat with any specific contact or group, then delete all attached files in the selected chat or group from above chat list.This size is almost catching up with a 3A game. . . Some friends may wonder, why just chat every day, WeChat takes up so much space? In many cases, data such as pictures, videos and files received during the chat are actually occupied by the space, and these data will be automatically saved in the device.

Where is WeChat data stored iPhone?

To find out the storage usage of WeChat app on iPhone, you can go to Settings >> General >> Usage, you will then open the Storage with a list of all installed iOS apps on iPhone. You can see the total storage space used by WeChat.

Where is WeChat data stored?

For this reason, WeChat does not store your chat data on our servers to make sure that only you and your intended recipient(s) can view your messages. However, your chat data will always be available within the app on your device as long as the app is not removed and your phone has sufficient storage space.

What happens if I delete WeChat app?

No, deleting WeChat does not delete data. Deleting WeChat simply removes the app from your phone. You can still access all of your data on the app by logging in through a web browser.

Does WeChat use cellular data?

hi ,When I call someone or receive any calls from the friends list, it tries to use the mobile data of the phone, even if the wifi is on and stable connection.

How do I clear WhatsApp storage?

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the three dots available at the top.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Now go to ‘Data and storage usage’ > Storage usage.
  5. Select any individual chat or group chat to delete bulk messages.
  6. Click on ‘Free up space’ and tap on ‘Delete items’.

How do you delete WeChat history on Mac?

To delete individual chats on WeChat in iOS, do this: Launch the app and go to the “Chats” page. Select the contact with whom you chatted. Press and hold the chat(s) until a “Delete” or “Trash” button appears.

How do I backup my WeChat messages?

Here are the steps for better understanding. Step 1: First of all, open WeChat on your device. Step 2: Now, for Android users, head to the “Me” option followed by “Settings”. Tap on “Chats” and then “Backup & Migrate Chats” option.

Can I delete XLOG file?

An XLOG file is a backup file created by WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app. It contains a record of a conversation conducted or data sent over WeChat. XLOG files can be deleted without affecting WeChat.

How much data does a WeChat video call use?

Per minute (video call) = ~3.25 MB. Per hour (video call) = ~ 195 MB. Per minute (audio call) = ~2 MB. Per minute (audio call) = ~ 120 MB.

Why is WeChat so slow?

The issue is most often with your Internet connection. All iOS and Android phones are setup to have all Internet traffic be sent through a single connection. When you are using WeChat, all that data is either going through the Wi-Fi or the mobile data connection.

How many people use WeChat in the world?

There are a whopping 1.17 billion users as of Q1 2020. WeChat has 1 billion monthly active users. Nearly 1 billion registered WeChat users live in China. WeChat Pay had nearly 800 million users in Q4 2019.

Where can I find WeChat files on Android?

  1. Go to “My Files”
  2. Open “Images”
  3. Select WeChat.
  4. Enjoy the pictures you have saved from WeChat.

How long does WeChat keep chat history?

“WeChat does not store any chat histories. They are stored only on users’ phones, computers or other devices.”

Where do your downloads go on an iPhone?

Where are my downloads? The Downloads folder can be found in Files app > tap Browse at the bottom-right corner > tap on the Downloads folder.

What is WeChat file transfer?

The method of using Web WeChat to transfer various files such as videos, pictures, PDF files, and other types of files, is a recommended way to share data between smartphones and your computer. It is not even necessary to download a specific software on your Mac device or Windows PC.

What data does WeChat collect?

  1. Personal. Name, user alias, mobile phone number, password, gender, IP address, detailed location data (from GPS, IP address, compass, accelerometer, or public posts that contain location information).
  2. Body related.
  3. Social.

Is WeChat being monitored?

User activity on WeChat is analyzed, tracked and shared with Chinese authorities upon request as part of the mass surveillance network in China. WeChat censors politically sensitive topics in China.

Can I recover deleted WeChat messages?

How to recover deleted WeChat messages for Android? For Android users, if you usually log in to your WeChat account and make a backup on windows, it’s easy to find what you want. Or you use the Google Drive app to make a backup of your phone data, you can also achieve WeChat history recovery.

Can I delete WeChat and reinstall?

Enter WeChat and go to Me > Settings > Help & Feedback > tap the Tool icon in the upper right corner > select Repair, then select the feature you want to repair. Tip: If the above method doesn’t help, you can try to uninstall and reinstall WeChat. However, any previous chat histories will be lost.

Is WeChat a safe app?

WeChat doesn’t support end-to-end encryption. In fact, the app received zero points out of 100 in Amnesty International’s ‘Security rankings of instant messaging services.

Is WeChat the same as WhatsApp?

WeChat is similar to WhatsApp in many ways as they offer services like text messaging, voice messaging, sending multimedia files, and so on. But WeChat offers certain other services like online payments, booking a taxi, and much more.

Can you use WeChat without WiFi?

As long as you have a data plan with your phone carrier, yes, you can use WeChat without WiFi.

Are WeChat calls free?

WeChat is free to download, install, sign up for, and use as a messaging app and communication platform. Sending instant messages, images, voice calls, voice recordings, video calls, and some additional information is all free, no matter how long you talk, or how frequently you are using the WeChat app.

What is local network on WeChat?

WeChat uses a local network back up or restore your chat history. No cellular data will be used. Check your network connection: Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same network (router, personal hotspot or wireless card) to transfer the data.

Why is all my storage full on iPhone?

If your iPhone is still showing you the storage space warning, it might be time to offload some apps or delete some of the data stored on your iPhone. To see what’s taking up the most storage space on your iPhone, open Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.

How do I clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone?

Scroll down and tap on “Data and Storage Usage. Tap on “Manage Storage”, and then select “WhatsApp” messenger. Now you will see how much storage is being used by the app; hit “Clear Cache” when it’s full or if you want to remove some data stored in there but keep your chats intact.

How do I clear WhatsApp data on iPhone?

  1. Tap Settings inside WhatsApp and tap on Chats.
  2. Tap Clear All Chats or Delete All Chats.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Tap Clear All Chats.

How do I know if someone has deleted me on WeChat?

Go to New Chats. Add two or more people (one of whom is the friend that you suspected deleted you). Hit OK. If you’re notified by WeChat that you need to be friends with the person before you can send a message, then you have been deleted.

Does iPhone Backup WeChat history?

Note that you can’t back up all WeChat history except photos and videos, which will be stored in the iPhone photo album. Before synchronizing iPhone and iCloud, you need to check the storage of your iCloud able to store WeChat chat history. You can also backup WeChat chat history via iTunes.

How can I recover my deleted WeChat messages without Backup?

  1. Install and run the software on your computer and select “Recover WeChat Data” from the main interface.
  2. Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Click on “Start” to start scanning.

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